On the high bank of the Izhma river in the Komi Republic there is a village named Izhma founded in the 16th century by settlers from Ust-Tsilma. At the opposite river bank there are Sizyabsk and Mokhcha villages. Komi-Izhemtsy the is how locals call themselves. Izhma village became widely known after September 7 in 2010 year, when a Tu-154 plane with 81 people on board made an emergency landing to it's local airfield. Thanks to the efforts of the helipad chief Sergei Sotnikov who on his own initiative, maintained a runway suitable for landing for 12 years, no one of passengers was injured. There is about 4 thousand people live in the current territory of the Izhemsky region 80% of which are indigenous people. This contributes to the preservation of the traditional lifestyle and culture, the formation of a close relationship with the northern nature. Local people are still involved in stock raising, fishing and hunting.