Mental arshin

Mental arshin (2020). Игорь Терешков

Been showed as part of “Russian Binary Code” exhibition at Bogorodskoye gallery, Moscow, Russia — 2020;

Mental arshin is a part of  “All my IP’s” work which researching themes of digitality and control, hidden society and network processes and in some case an attempt to give them volume and physical embodiment. At some extent this is a documentation and at the same time an anthropological research of humanity during the period when we produce a lot of information which not expressed in the usual volume and dimensions.Working and researching on this project I came across the theme of control and totality.

Tied to wooden peg by the rope about 100 steps long and carrying on my back slab with chains, I try to  took a walk around one point in the field for 20 minutes.

At the same time during COVID-19 pandemic my relatives were in a regime of forced so called “self-isolation” in the Moscow city. With possibility of moving out of home at a distance no more than 100 meters. Later they been forced to install 'social monitoring” mobile application which totally tracks all actions and writes out automatic fines. 

This was an interacting practice with artificial object and expression of solidarity and support to all who encountered similar difficulties and confines from controlling system.­

Documentation of process, video 26 minutes 02 seconds    

Mental arshin (2020). Игорь Терешков